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Mar 19, 2011 6:00am EDT
. now, i know that nuclear is taking a tough wrap this week with what is happening in japan. i personally think it will be working its way out and we will end up with not as dire a set of consequences. i could be wrong, but i don't think there will be a diverse set of consequences. if that happens to happen, if the japanese and up fixing this without any different -- serious injury or loss of life, then the important message to the world will be exactly the opposite of what the media is trying to make it now, it will be that energy source can withstand even a magnitude nine earthquake in one of the largest tsunami that have ever hit japan. but we have to have the courage and the strength to create a climate where, again, the correct policy becomes an easy policy rather than the wrong policy being a politically correct one that people would hope we would have. it is up to us. we have responsibilities. the third thing i would like to talk about before we get into the political side of politics is what is it going on around the world. we certainly watched with amazement what was g
Mar 12, 2011 7:00am EST
with the piracy problem. at the same time there are a number of independent reporter countries like japan, korea, rush of, china, working together to deal with the problem but each with a subtly different mandates whether they're escorting convoys were trying to protect their own national shipping. these and other strategies they are employing. one 9 noted when we were operating there was despite a national mandate and a few different approaches to how to deal with the problem the crux of the issue is they all want to do something about piracy. what we found is everybody was working together to share information, exchange bits of information that might prove useful to locating direction and that shared responsibility have found a very constructive element while we were working over there. >> i want to give you a sense of how we dealt with certain issues. and i know we have a bit of a strategic goal the rain and sense of the operational environment but to put yourself in my position of the ship's captain when you are out there operating and it is an immense geography and you are trying to reassur
Mar 12, 2011 6:00am EST
that are here, the property issue. but obviously, as we see in japan, it's not just property. it's also lives. and so, i was wondering if you could address kind of that big picture, where we're going with this. >> sure. >> and how do we measure our success? >> that's always critical, i think, with any government program, is trying to figure out how to measure success, congressman. and i think what we're trying to do, or what we would like to see at taxpayers for common sense and then, is to move this program into a sounder fiscal footing, so to move it to where, one, the people actually know the risk, and part of it is having accurate, up-to-date flood maps, so they know where they're actually living or buying a home. second is that they understand the cost of that risk, that they are actually purchasing insurance that's commensurate to the risk that's actuarilly sound, also so they have an understanding of where they live, and also to mitigate or reduce that risk. lastly, and very important for our group, is trying to remove that risk off the back of the taxpayer and putting
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3